i have not drawn anything for the past few weeks so im kinda really rusty now a-ahahaha…

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I've been wanting to cosplay Miku from Counter Clockwise, and considering you drew her before (very wonderfully at that) would you happen to know if she's wearing her append outfit or her original outfit? Even after watching the video I'm still not sure xD

I believe it’s an outfit specifically made for that video ‘cause it doesn’t look like her append or her original outfit. But gosh, it’s a really detailed outfit. I wish you all the best if you ever did go and cosplay her!

(also thank youuu jkschfjks)

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been working on this piece on and off for the past few months and im nowhere near done a-ahahaha… /cries

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relearning how to draw is hard…

in other news, rune factory 4 is a really cute game aaaaahhhh go play it

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final exams are next week and all i want to do is doodle stuff send help

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